This web site offers biggest radio software collection in Internet. It includes MotoTRBO CPS download, MotoTRBO firmware, most recent APX CPS, APX Depot, FlashZap, region free patches, etc. Also note, that we keep up to date Motorola CPS and Kenwood KPG all the time. Delay between release by mfg. and file appearance is only a few days.

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!!!dir_rules.txt2018-07-16 17:20 90
ACC-541_V0.75.rar2021-05-24 20:09 2.2M
ACC-903_9a.zip2012-04-19 22:16 125K
ACC-908 V2.5.zip2012-04-19 19:51 211K
ACC-916V2.zip2012-04-19 22:17 3.6M
ACC-921 V2.1.4.zip2012-04-19 22:15 7.7M
ACC-925V16.zip2012-04-19 22:17 2.7M
ACC-961 Version 1_07.zip2012-04-19 22:16 1.1M
ACC901.zip2012-04-19 22:16 1.9M
ACC962.zip2012-04-19 22:17 4.7M
HL1000V36.zip2012-04-19 22:18 6.1M
SL1000Prog(v2.0.7).rar2011-09-14 23:59 2.2M
Smp4001 V4.30.zip2007-09-27 23:03 32K
Smp4002 ProgSMX V2.07.zip2007-09-27 23:04 37K
SMP4004C Personality Programmer V1.03 SP2550-2850.zip2007-09-27 23:04 149K
SMP4004C Personality Programmer V2.20.zip2007-09-27 23:04 98K
SMP4005 Programming Software V1.00 SL500 SL70E.zip2007-09-27 23:05 113K
Smp4007 V1.70.zip2007-09-27 23:05 147K
Smp5030 EasiWave SL30 V2.0 UK.zip2007-09-27 23:05 78K
SMP6000 Maxon Europe V1.20.zip2007-09-27 23:05 1.1M
SMP6001.zip2007-08-17 15:10 502K
SMP6530 EasiWave SL65-3 V1.01.zip2007-09-27 23:06 73K
SP300Prog(v1.0.2).rar2011-04-24 02:48 1.9M
various maxon.zip2007-11-27 02:04 20M