Motorola TETRA section. Dedicated to TETRA stuff like CPS/CPS+/CPSPlus, CPS Depot, TETRA Scout and other tools. The most popual CPS for modern radios is CPS Plus 7. License file required, but can be avoided by patch / fix.

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LanguageFiles_8_4_9.zip2008-05-26 17:03 15K
Scout 7.2.14.rar2007-08-15 22:58 57M
ScoutSetup_8.4.9.zip2008-05-26 17:03 20M
ScoutUpdate 8.4.9.zip2008-05-26 17:03 5.9M
ScoutUpdate_8.4.9.bin2008-05-26 17:03 6.3M
Scout User Manual_8_4_9.pdf2008-05-26 17:03 5.1M
Scout_1_1_1.rar2009-04-25 11:31 9.9M
Scout_2_0_6.rar2009-04-25 11:41 17M
Scout_10.18.2.rar2010-07-31 01:10 39M
Scout_Manual_en--current.pdf2013-03-21 17:59 4.7M
Scout_Setup9.3.16.zip2009-03-30 22:45 24M
Scout_Setup 13.5.1.exe2013-03-21 11:40 13M