Motorola TETRA section. Dedicated to TETRA stuff like CPS/CPS+/CPSPlus, CPS Depot, TETRA Scout and other tools. The most popual CPS for modern radios is CPS Plus 7. License file required, but can be avoided by patch / fix.

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DepotCPSPlus7.1.rar2016-08-27 00:37 439M
DepotCPSPlus7.2.rar2018-02-11 00:08 551M
DepotCPSPlus7.3 Cracked.zip2018-01-14 11:12 605M
DepotCPSPlus7.4.zip2018-03-12 23:16 610M
DepotCPSPlus7.4 working Depot patch.zip2018-04-10 07:59 88K
DepotCPSPlus7.5 with Depot patch.zip2020-04-11 00:28 822M
MTM5400 Upstart.zip2019-12-11 17:06 463K
MTP3250 Upstart.zip2019-12-11 17:07 3.0M
TetraCPSPlusSetup_R060214_depot_complete.zip2016-03-11 12:21 1.9G
TetraCPSPlusSetup_R060214_depot_without_basic_installer.zip2016-08-11 14:05 53K